Upington Special Economic Zone



The main objective of the Northern Cape Economic Development Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Nceda) is to ensure enterprise development that will significantly contribute to economic growth and development within the province. 

Nceda was established in terms of the Northern Cape Economic Development, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency Act, no. 4 of 2008, in response to the challenge of creating high-level investment and business opportunities in the area. The Upington SEZ will assist Nceda in fulfilling its core mandate of marketing the Northern Cape, attracting investments and growing exports.

Department of Trade and Industry

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The Upington SEZ forms part of a national SEZ strategy of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), which is one of our main funders, to drive economic growth. Through SEZs, the dti creates enabling economic environments and enhances the competitiveness of local and provincial economies to achieve inclusive growth and job creation. The dti afforded the Northern Cape province the opportunity to establish the Upington SEZ with a key emphasis on the solar energy, mining and agro-processing industries. 

Northern Cape Dept of Economic Development and Tourism

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As a facilitator of economic growth and the major driver of social development in the province, the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism is an important partner of the Upington SEZ. The SEZ reports to Nceda, while Nceda reports to this department.   



Partnering with the Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) in establishing the SEZ, and being right next door to an international airport, has opened up a vast number of investment opportunities.

The Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality

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The Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality (DKLM)  has committed to address the application of exemption for rates and taxes for the SEZ tenants. After the exemption is granted, the transfer of the SEZ land will be initiated to NCEDA for the SEZ.